How To Use Auto Clicker

It is worth noting that when we talk about an auto clicker, one needs to understand what it actually is. Because we have seen that there are a lot of misconceptions about auto clickers and their usage. People feel that using an auto clicker is like doing a crime and that no one should be … Read more

Best Linux Auto Clicker

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Minecraft AutoClicker

If you want to use an autoclicker without getting banned and perform several cheats than you landed on the right page! Yes, Tinytask is definitely best auto clicker for mine craft. There are many auto clickers are available in the market no matter it is free or paid but the thing is it may possible … Read more

Best Auto Clickers for Mac

We have known that auto clickers have become common nowadays and the reason we use auto clickers is to automate the clicks that we do frequently and save our time and resources. If you’re looking for tinytask for mac then i am really sorry you need to try following tinytask alternative for mac In this … Read more

7 Best Free Macro Recorder

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7 Best Keyboard Presser

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AutoHotKey vs TinyTask

AutoHotKey and TinyTask, both are known as Macro Automation software, and if you are unaware about what they are what they can do, we will briefly explain them here. What is Macro Automation software? Before we compare AutoHotKey and TinyTask, we first need to make you understand what a macro automation software. As the name … Read more

AlphaClicker – An Auto Clicker with Modern UI

If you are looking for AutoClicker for Roblox or for anything you want to do with mouse click activity. AlphaClicker Undoubtedly TinyTask is one of the best autoclicker if you wan’t an easy go but we have some list of AutoClickers which are good alternatives for Tinytask AlphaClicker is one of them. If you got … Read more