Tinytask Portable – Free Download

Tinytask is it self a portable software. TinyTask Portable can run from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder without installing into Windows.

Tinytask portable is a freeware which allows user to record their mouse click activity on their PC. If you download you will find a standalone application which will directly start running if you just open it.

it is a software product designed to be easily moved from one computing environment to another.

They include portable versions of regular applications – such as browsers, for example – as well as specialized apps designed to enhance mobile computing.

If you want to download the tinytask portable just click on download button. its just 35kb application, when your download is complete you can directly run the application in your windows PC.

How does portable application works?

tinytask portable

It is simply one that doesn’t use an installer. All the files required to run the app reside in a single folder, which you can put anywhere on the system.

If you move the folder, the app will still work the same. Instead of installing a portable app, you typically download it as a ZIP file, extract that ZIP to a folder, and run the executable file for the app.

If the app allows you to save settings, those settings are saved in files right inside the same folder.

Download Tinytask Portable

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