AutoHotKey vs TinyTask

AutoHotKey and TinyTask, both are known as Macro Automation software, and if you are unaware about what they are what they can do, we will briefly explain them here.

What is Macro Automation software?

Before we compare AutoHotKey and TinyTask, we first need to make you understand what a macro automation software.

As the name suggests, a macro automation software is used to automate the tasks that are repetitive and need to be done more than once in a very short period of time.

For example, this macro automation software can be used inside games where the software can perform clicks constantly on repetitive tasks.

With these macro automation software, you can even record playback and automate those tasks so they keep on performing even during your absence.

Now that we have understood what a macro automation software, it is worth noting that there are a lot of macro automation softwares around the world.

Out of them, AutoHotKey and TinyTask are some of the best. And in this article, we are going to compare them with each other to see which macro automation software is better.

But before that, we will tell you about AutoHotKey and TinyTask in brief detail.

What is AutoHotKey?

AutoHotKey is a macro automation software but it is also open-source and free to use.

It lets you create free keyboard shortcuts on Windows as well as macros and more.

This software also lets you remap keys, create custom shortcuts as well as automate repetitive tasks as we have already mentioned.

But the main problem with AutoHotKey is that you need to know how to script and there is a learning curve to this software so it is not straight-forward as making a few clicks.

What is TinyTask?

TinyTask is also a macro automation software but the main area where it differs from AutoHotKey is in the GUI or graphical user interface because TinyTask provides a GUI and AutoHotKey does not.

It is also worth noting that even TinyTask is free to use but it is not open-source in nature.

As you can create scripts on AutoHotKey, you cannot do the same on TinyTask as the software comes with a few scripts that are pre-built and thus offer a limited functionality.

But the thing is that TinyTask is one of the smallest macro automation software out there with just 33KB in size.

It also has a very tiny window for performing all the tasks which might be too small for a bigger resolution display.

AutoHotKey vs TinyTask

Now that we have explained the uses of macro automation software as well as what AutoHotKey and TinyTask are, we need to compare them both in order to know which is better.

And while we do that, it is worth mentioning that comparing AutoHotKey to TinyTask is not fair because AutoHotKey does not provide a GUI while TinyTask does.

You will need to learn how to make scripts on AutoHotKey while TinyTask lets you play around with the software and has a very simple GUI.

But it is also worth noting that macro automation softwares are all possible only because of AutoHotKey because it provides the core for any software to be based upon it.

On the other hand, most people will prefer TinyTask because it offers enough customization options and does not have a learning curve like AutoHotKey.

However, the nerds will prefer using AutoHotKey because they can customize anything and everything by making scripts and there are unlimited possibilities for doing so.

It is also possible to download scripts from the internet to be used on AutoHotKey.


As we have already mentioned, TinyTask is lightweight, free to use and comes with a GUI while AutoHotKey does not provide a GUI and you also need to learn its scripting language in order to make scripts and automate your tasks.

It is also the reason why we feel that TinyTask is better in every department but the thing is that TinyTask would not exist right now if AutoHotKey was not present because it provides the core for macro automation software while others like TinyTask can provide a GUI for its users.

If you want to use a barebones software for automation then AutoHotKey will be the way to go but we feel TinyTask will be used by most people for macro software automation.

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