How To Use Auto Clicker

It is worth noting that when we talk about an auto clicker, one needs to understand what it actually is. Because we have seen that there are a lot of misconceptions about auto clickers and their usage.

People feel that using an auto clicker is like doing a crime and that no one should be using an auto clicker but we beg to differ.

Auto Clickers are not bad at all if used correctly because they are meant to save time and resources while getting work done in an automated manner.

If we talk about auto clickers, they are basically automated tools which let you click on a certain thing time and again without needing any human intervention.

Also, auto clickers are not only meant for games but they can also be used in other fields such as form filling, data entry as well as any other task where repetitive action is required and the task can get quite boring.

The reason why also said that auto clickers save resources is because when you do frequent clicks on a mouse, you are bound to reach the life of your mouse in terms of clicks because they also have a set life in them after which the clicks stop working.

Therefore, if you are using an auto clicker then it means that those mouse clicks are saved and you can extend the life of your mouse by a lot.

Now that we have understood about auto clickers, where they can be used and how they benefit us, we need to understand how to use auto clickers.

How to use Auto Clickers

Once you download and install any auto clicker of your choice, you need to follow the steps given below to use auto clickers.

For this tutorial, we are taking the example of TinyTask which you can download from here.

After the installation is complete, open the tinytask software and run the same.

Recording a Macro with TinyTask

The TinyTask toolbar presents you with six options. The one we are interested in is how to record a macro. In this example, we will record a macro that switches your desktop theme to an alternative one. You can start recording your actions by pressing the blue “Record” button on the toolbar, or by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R.

How To Use Auto Clicker

Once you have started recording, right-click the desktop, click Personalize > Themes > Theme settings, and then select a new theme. Now you can stop recording the macro by pressing the “Record” button or hitting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R again.

Repeat the first step above to revert back to your original theme. Then, press the “Play” button on the toolbar to play your macro; you can also play the macro by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P. Playing the macro will switch the theme to the one you selected when you recorded the macro.

Next, press the “Compile” button, and select a folder to save the macro to. Press the “Save” button to save the macro. The small message shown below will open. Click “OK.”

Playing Your Recorded Macro

Once you have saved the macro, you can reopen and play it back any time. Press the “Open” button on the toolbar and then select the saved theme to play it back. Press the “Play” button on the toolbar to play it.

Press the Options button on the TinyTask toolbar to open a submenu with some extra settings on it, as shown below. There, you can adjust the macro’s speed and further configure the hotkeys. Select Recording Hotkey or Playback Hotkey to select alternative keyboard shortcuts for those options.

Do keep in mind that the above instructions also determine if games such as Roblox tinytask will be able to determine any abnormal activity on your account.

But most of the time it won’t happened but, if you set the click speed too fast or the click interval too low then game developers can detect that this is an auto clicker and can ban your account.

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